Corporate Social Responsibility

tmZ arose out of the search to produce economic development that provided balanced social development and a reduced carbon footprint, a collaborative public-private initiative aimed at value generation for the area.

tmZ Shareholders

The tmZ strategic plan plots the lines and objectives to guide us through 2018-22, with sustainability one of the cornerstones in seeking to obtain the following objectives:

  • Reconcile economic development with environmental care
  • Foster/establish employment in its area of influence
  • Enhance commitment to the environment
  • Promote the logistics sector as a financial dynamo

With 2,450 trains running in 2017, tmZ helped take over 70,000 trucks off Spanish roads

Our measures are oriented towards three goals:

Economic Sustainability

Zaragoza Maritime Terminal contributes to the economic development throughout its area of influence, facilitating import/export logistics activities and increasing the competitiveness of all the companies within its sphere. Temperature-controlled container management is a significant qualitative leap for the development of the powerful agri-foods industry within its sphere of influence. tmZ is also working to strengthen the logistics and rail sectors by belonging to sector clusters, including Alia and Railgroup.

Environmental Sustainability

Zaragoza Maritime Terminal fosters freight transport in line with the sustainable development model towards which Europe is working. The low energy consumption of the railways and their capacity to adapt to renewable energy sources make the train the most sustainable form of transport. This is in addition to the fact that the train has the lowest CO2 emissions per unit transported of all forms of transport. These figures are some 3 to 5 times lower than those for road and 7 to 10 times lower than those for air.

European transport policies are focused on penalising those means of transport that pollute the most; thus, rail transport will be ideally placed to harness future developments.

tmZ is contributing to efficient logistics by ensuring railways are a competitive mode of transport, working, therefore, to promote freight transport sustainability to the benefit of companies and society-at-large.

Social Sustainability

The company is a potent generator of wealth in the region, boosting employment and, by extension, social balance.